Collection: Wrap skirts

Discover Diversity: Buy Boho and Ethno Wrap Skirts Online

Immerse yourself in a touch of globetrotter flair with our diverse Boho and Ethno wrap skirts. Our online shop presents you with a wide range of alternative clothing options that will make your heart beat faster and express your individual style.

Refreshing Design: Colorful Wrap Skirts

Each of our wrap skirts tells its own story. The colorful patterns and bright colors are inspired by Indian tradition and reflect the bustling streets of Goa. The designs are versatile and unique, perfect for Gipsy, Goa, Summer, Beach & Hippie. A long, colorful maxi skirt that can be worn as a women's or men's skirt. A true unisex statement for fashion-conscious individuals.

Practical and Stylish: Easy-to-Tie Wrap Skirts

Our wrap skirts are not only visually striking but also practical. Thanks to the attached bands, they are easy to tie and adjust to your body. Thus, they are the perfect companion for every season - whether as breezy summer skirts or warm winter skirts.

Flexible and Comfortable: Wrap Skirts for Every Size

The variety of sizes makes our wrap skirts a must-have in every wardrobe. Whether you wear size 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, or 46 - our skirts always fit! Plus, they are made from 100% cotton, which makes them particularly comfortable on the skin. Simply a great piece of hippie clothing!

A Touch of Retro: Wrap Skirts in 70s and 80s Style

Let our alternative women's skirts take you back to the wild 70s and 80s. With a length of about 92 cm and a width of about 130 cm plus bands on both sides of about 66 cm each, they are reminiscent of the typical wrap skirts of this era.

Buy Boho and Ethno Wrap Skirts Online: Discover Now!

Ready to dive into the world of Boho and Ethno wrap skirts? Our online shop opens up a colorful and fashionable variety that lets your personality shine. Let yourself be inspired, browse through our selection and find your perfect wrap skirt. Because fashion is more than just clothing – it is an expression of your personality.

Experience the variety of our wrap skirts and dive into the world of Boho and Ethno. Order now online and be thrilled by our fashionable and comfortable skirts. Look forward to a piece of fabric that is more than just a piece of clothing. A wrap skirt from us is a way of life, an invitation to see the world with different eyes. Be a part of it!